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ECI cylinder AD 2009-26-12

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Joined: 05/30/2009

I found out this morning that I am the proud owner of 6 ECI cylinders that must be replaced. AD 2009-26-12 got me this time (my cylinders were not included in the previous version of this AD). I bought the plane last summer and the engine had been overhauled less than 200 hours before. During the pre-buy my mechanic checked out the AD and even called ECI to make sure that my cylinders were not included in the AD. Now the expanded list of serial numbers, from the new AD, includes all of my ECI Titan cylinders. My serial numbers all fall into the "B" Grouping in the AD, which means the cylinders must be replaced before 350 hours in service. I have not found anything out yet but I am hoping that ECI will cover most of the cost. I sure don't want to have to pay for the new cylinders and labor. I hope none of you have this problem.